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Royal Beauty Secrets to Steal

Royal Beauty Secrets to Steal

We’ll never be royals, but we can definitely look like them. We all have a ferocious queen alter-ego that wants flawless skin and lush hair to feel sanguine and enchanting. True or not? And who would even assist us if not the real queens themselves? We always admire the royal dynasty for its delicacy and exquisite beauties who lived in palaces with expensive accessories and gaudy clothing. So take a cue from these breathtakingly alluring queens and give yourself a natural and glamorous beauty makeover. This blog has compiled some of the most cherished beauty secrets of the world’s royal ladies.


  1. Queen Elizabeth of Hungary and Austria –


Queen Elizabeth, the most beautiful woman of 19th century Europe, used to apply egg and brandy hair masks for her long, silky hair that touched her ankles to strengthen and promote hair growth and loss treatment option. It will stimulate your scalp and strengthen your hair follicles, promoting hair growth.


  1. Cleopatra, Egyptian queen and ruler –


Cleopatra was well-known for her gorgeous complexion. She used to apply milk and honey rinse on wrinkled skin to keep it hydrated, supple, and vivacious. Honey contains glucose and fructose, nourishing and curing the skin, whereas milk has lactic acid, which cleanses the innermost underlying skin tissues. She cleaned her face frequently during the day with oil and chalk or oil and lime. In addition, she used to wash her face with apple cider vinegar.


  1. Rani Padmini of Chittorgarh –


Rani Padmini was one of the gorgeous Indian queens. Her skin was milky, smooth, and supple. To look fresh, youthful, and beautiful, she bathed in olive milk blended with rose petals and honey. Milk baths were most commonly used to heal sunburns, dissolve dead skin cells, and smooth and moisturise rough, itchy skin.


  1. China’s Empress Wu Zetian –


Empress Wu was known for her grace and agelessness. She used to apply her special mung bean mask three times a day, giving her skin a natural shine, which is why consistency is key to looking naturally attractive. In addition, mung beans are rich in proteins and minerals that help us attain blemish-free skin.


  1. Princess Diana –

The drop-dead gorgeous Princess Diana is as well-known today as she was before. The Princess of Wales, an icon before her time, continues to inspire fashion and aesthetic trends nearly two decades after her terrible death. She used to routinely use a profoundly nourishing moisturiser and never headed out without proper sun protection.


  1. Queen Elizabeth II –

Last but not least, let us decode Queen Elizabeth II’s timeless beauty as she celebrates her Platinum Jubilee this year. Her flawless skin distinguishes her from women half her age. Her glowing beauty is, of course, due to more than just genetics; We might have noticed that a hat and a sun umbrella generally cover her face. That is why her skin has few wrinkles, as UVA is the principal cause of skin ageing.


All over the world, we adore and admire the grace of ancient & modern royal beauties. In their signature style and charisma, we detect an overall sense of majesty and effortlessness. Today, we all end-up spending money on chemical-based cosmetic products to stay beautiful, but the queens did not have access to modern beauty products. Yet, they remained attractive by adopting only natural remedies.  The purity of organic components, having soothing & nourishing properties, heals many skin diseases and gives your skin a youthful glow. They have no side effects. We should incorporate natural ingredients into our skincare routine.