Daily Skin Rituals: Why Face Cleansing is Important for Your Skin

Washing your face looks like one of the simplest skincare steps in the entire regimen. We’ve often seen women swiping off their makeup right after returning home or before bedtime. Additionally, there are different kinds of face washes introduced by several brands. Why do we focus so much on facial cleansing? And why is it one of the most former and important steps of skincare?

Regular cleansing helps maintain skin health and keeps dirt, germs, and infections away from the skin. As you roll further, you’ll find out the reasons why you must include cleansing twice in your everyday routine and certain other factors related to the same.

Why is Facial Cleansing Important?

As per the Dermatologists, washing your face every hour or right after returning indoors is essential to keep the inflammations away. Apart from that, to attain glowing problem-free skin, washing your face frequently is essential. Here is a list of reasons why cleansing is one of the most essential parts of skincare.

Build-Up Removal

Removing dust, dirt, oil, and debris is the most common benefit of facial cleansing. Due to environmental exposure, your facial skin consistently carries a lot of bacteria, viruses, pollutants, dirt, and dead skin cells. While these foreign dust elements cover your face throughout the day, it’s not possible for the other skin-soothing products to penetrate the skin. Therefore, washing your face twice a day wipes off the dirt and impurities to provide you with a fresh look.

Hydration Boost

Skin hydration is equally important as body hydration. Due to sun exposure or pollution, your skin may lose its natural water retention capacity. Skin dehydration is a major factor that contributes to rough, dry, wrinkled, and aged skin. Splashing your face with water with an effective moisturizer application retains skin hydration and gives a fresh look. Regular facial cleansing balances the skin pH levels while enabling the water and product retention capacity of the skin.

Clear Skin Maintenance

There are certain tint glands underlying the skin texture. These glands secrete an oil called sebum that protects the skin from environmental damage. Hair follicles within the skin are the pathways for sebum to reach the skin texture to act as a skin barrier. It prevents the penetration of fungal, bacteria, and other infection-causing agents.

At the same time, your bare skin can cause excessive dirt build-up on the skin surface, which naturally causes blockage of the hair follicles. Additionally, it also traps sweat, dead skin cells, and sebum. Therefore, the ultimate result turns into acne and breakouts.

A complete facial cleansing on a regular basis prevents dirt build-up and unclogs the pores. It means that the sebum can easily get through the hair follicles and reach the skin surface to prevent the penetration of acne-causing bacteria.

Strict Rules for a Clear Skin

According to a recent survey, there are certain mistakes or myths that almost 80% of people follow while washing their faces. Additionally, almost 50% of a country doesn’t follow the strict rule of before bedtime cleansing. Here are some of the major rules that one must follow to achieve a fresh, clean look.

Ensure to Erase All Your Makeup First: As a matter of fact, pores purge toxins out of the skin overnight while we sleep. If you sleep with your makeup on, it clogs the pores and the toxins remain within the skin itself. Use a gentle makeup remover before you begin with your actual cleansing before bedtime.

Use Lukewarm Water: Extreme water temperature while washing the face may cause inflammation or irritation to the skin. Therefore, it’s always better to remain in the middle ground and chose lukewarm water for washing your face.

Facial Cleansing Twice a Day: According to the skin experts, we all should wash our faces twice a day – in the morning & before bedtime. Our skin undergoes several soothing processes overnight. Therefore, washing your face after waking up is essential to give it a fresh oil-free look. And throughout the day, our skin traps dirt, debris, and several infection-causing agents that should be removed before bedtime with proper pore cleansing.

Avoid Too Much Skin Rubbing: Your fingertips are the best tools that can give a gentle massage to your face while cleansing. It actively stimulates blood circulation while influencing lymphatic drainage. However, Extra rubbing may cause irritation to your skin, so keep the motion gentle and use your fingertips to cleanse your face deeply.

Never Skip Moisturizing After Cleansing: Cleansing without moisturizing may strip off the natural oils from your skin and make it look dry and dull. Moisturize on your pat dry skin right after cleansing, so your skin retains its moisture barrier and remains hydrated from inside.

Follow these basic rules of facial cleansing to get perfectly clear skin. Remember, if you have severe skin problems, like – acne, rosacea, sunburn, try using a mild cleanser for washing your face and neck area. It not only cleanses the pores but also protects your natural skin barrier.

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