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Confession of a Make-Up Artist

Recent current fashion and retail trends are being influenced by Gen Z, from DIY fashion and gender-neutral jewellery to TikTok buying. That generation is pushing beauty innovation, from product categories to marketing. Eden Palmer, Forma Brands’ VP of merchandising, global brand, and 3rd party, describes a seismic splintering in the industry. “Beauty no longer has a singular definition.

 Consumer spending has turned away from colour cosmetics and skincare in recent years, boosting revenue for market giants like L’Oréal and Estée Lauder. While this movement is cross-generational, Palmer of Forma Brands, the parent company of LA-based beauty and cosmetics brand Morphe, believes it has a relation to Gen Z’s heightened self-acceptance. “People are okay with not airbrushing over their skin, freckles, and textures,” she


 “Beneath the make-up and behind the smile, I am just a girl who wishes for the world.”― said Marilyn Monroe.

 When we hear the word make-up, we immediately think of slapping some cosmetics on our faces and calling it a day. However, it’s an art, not a mere body ornament. Therefore, applying cosmetics and make-up is one of the most accurate forms of self-expression.

 Self-expression is the key to pleasure. We must remain loyal to our personalities, gain confidence, and form bonds with others. It’s also a significant personality feature that employers are looking for. Many people use cosmetics not only to enhance their appearance but also to express creativity. Many feel more confident when they wear make-up because it removes their worries about their appearance and allows them to focus solely on their profession or work.

 Make-up is an essential accessory since it makes individuals feel more prepared for any occasion or location. Make-up allows people to blend in more effectively with others in any situation. The most common goal of cosmetics has always been to get a flawless look, and people are at their most confident when they believe they have a perfect appearance. Make-up also allows you to express yourself creatively. One might copy the look of a celebrity or fashion figure they admire, or they can use it to create their look. People have discovered new ways to apply cosmetics. For example, many people use it to relive old memories or throw nostalgia-era (the 70s, 80s) parties.

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 The make-up industry has been one of the booming industries since its inception. Each day, the glamour world is becoming keener and keener on the make-up industry. With each passing day, the generation is becoming faster and trying its best to come up with the best yet quickest solution to everything; make-up is no exception. But unfortunately, to cope with the time, we often fall into the traps of unsuitable products for our skin. But how do we fall for these traps?

 If the person trying to sell you make-up intimidates you with their knowledge, attempts to ‘bully’ you into buying a product you will not like, or urges you to spend lots more cash than you’re comfortable with, immediately leave. However, please do not be suspended by the number of professionally applied cosmetics we’re sporting. It’s expected that we’ll have full faces of make-up at work, but we’ll also facilitate your creation of a natural, everyday look. 

 We’ve attended make-up artistry classes and spent many hours honing our skills, and we’d prefer to share what we’ve learned! Most individuals are personable and desire to share their knowledge and expertise. If you’re just getting started with cosmetics and are unsure where to start, do not be afraid to ask. If you’re on a limited budget, don’t worry; there are many methods to stretch your beauty dollar, and the likelihood is good that almost all make-up artists are tuned in to them.