Neolayr was born at the time when the entire country was fighting with the biggest health crisis our generation has ever seen, Neolayr was launched in 2020 with a mission to restore health, balance & resilience – for our skin and for our soul.

Now more than anything, we need a return to simplicity, return to what is pure & true. We launched Neolayr with a promise that it is possible – through the power of science and the wisdom of the past.

We at Neolayr through a deeper understanding of what our skin has lost, we are able to focus only on what we need so that we can avoid unnecessary ingredients and products.

We ensure that our products will always contain as few pure evidence-based ingredients as possible without sacrificing efficacy.

We believe that less can do more when science & wisdom guides ingredient selection and formulation. Together, we can restore to skin health.


To restore health, balance & resilience – for our skin and for our soul through safe & effective evidence-based skincare accessible to all.


To be the most preferred brand in daily skincare.

Our Heritage

Neolayr is a direct-to-consumer skincare division of Palsons Derma, one of the few companies in India dedicated only into Dermatology & Skincare for the last 3 decades. Palsons Derma, a passionate skincare company offers scientifically developed highly effective skincare & haircare range powered by evidence-based formulation. Fueled by a passion for innovation, Palsons Derma combine the highest quality ingredients with advanced science to create award-winning skincare for beautiful, healthy skin.

Why Choose Us

Awards & Recognition

ISO Certified
IDMA Award Winner

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